The time to live disconnected from the power grid is now

If you are one of those who think that living completely independent from the AEE is a distant dream, we invite you to be part of the new reality. It is a movement known around the world as the off-grid movement (outside the power grid) and in Puerto Rico, you can already be part of it. There are many benefits of living 100% disconnected from the electrical network of PREPA, starting with the economy in your electricity bill, the security of always having available energy even during emergencies and the awareness that you are using Green energy in your home.

Energy always available, even in natural disasters

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of living 100% disconnected from the power grid, both for residential and commercial customers, is the knowledge that despite natural disasters such as storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes or even during blackouts, your property will never lack energy if you have a solar energy system. Having what is known as an autonomous or remote solar system, it includes solar panels along with some form of energy storage such as batteries. They supply the energy that your home or business needs to be completely disconnected from the power grid (AEE) at all times. With this autonomous system, you have energy independently from the power grid while enjoying the energy produced by solar panels during the day and stored in batteries at night, even in emergencies.

Do not pay more for your electricity

Another of the great benefits of living 100% disconnected from the power grid is the decrease in the monthly payment for electricity. This means that, in optimal conditions, if you have the resources to pay in one go for the installation of the solar system and the necessary batteries at the time of installation, it would become the only big expense and you will not have to pay more for electricity consumption. This initial expense, which for some and depending on the size of your property and the energy needs you have, may be large, will be “paid” after a few years of not having to pay PREPA and you will recover the full investment. But if, on the contrary, you do not have the money to able to pay the initial investment in advance, you will still save on your monthly payment since we have financing options that will allow you to pay for the solar system little by little, until finally you don’t have to pay anything for consumption.

Join the renewable energy movement

Last but not least, perhaps another of the greatest benefits of living 100% disconnected from the power grid in Puerto Rico is sleeping with the peace of mind knowing that your property uses renewable energy. By relying solely on a solar energy system with batteries, you and your family do not contribute to climate change and the environmental crisis. On the contrary, you and your family will be part of the movement towards positive change that is already proactively acting to protect the planet. Do not wait any longer and start enjoying these and many other benefits of living 100% disconnected from the power grid in Puerto Rico.

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