There is no reason to run out of energy

All of us in Puerto Rico, in one way or another, have experienced a lack of electricity in our homes and offices after the passage of hurricanes Irma and María or after the recent earthquakes. We all suffer the disruption of our daily lives and our jobs due to lack of electricity, but these situations do not have to be repeated. There is a real, effective, and accessible alternative so that you do not run out of electricity in an emergency and can continue your normal routine every day of the year, even during natural disasters and blackouts. It involves installing a solar system that includes solar panels and batteries to ensure the conversion and storage of energy 24/7.

What is a complete and autonomous solar system?

An autonomous photovoltaic system is a system of solar panels, panels, and batteries that operates completely independent of the AEE network. This type of system is recharged daily with the energy of the sun and helps you not run out of electricity in an emergency or blackout at any time of the year. The installation of an autonomous solar system is done taking into account all the needs of your family, home or business and then the system is calculated with the number of panels and batteries necessary for your lifestyle and budget.

Save on your bill and produce your own energy

The experiences of atmospheric phenomena such as the passing of storms or hurricanes annually in Puerto Rico or constant tectonic movements have made us reconsider in terms of the reliability of the electrical system provided by PREPA in our island. Even in situations of heavy rains or light winds, the system is very fragile and vulnerable, so blackouts are an increasingly common reality. By installing a solar system independent of the PREPA network, you and your family will enjoy clean and available energy all the time, while saving money by not having to make monthly payments to PREPA. In addition, a solar system will increase the value of your property in case you want to sell it in the future because it is a house prepared so that you do not run out of electricity in an emergency.

Prevention is key

Do not wait for the next blackout or natural disaster to run out of electricity. Today is the time to install an autonomous solar system and enjoy solar energy every day of the year, no matter what happens. There is also the possibility of installing a Tesla Powerwall battery system so that you can at least have electricity to charge your cell phones and turn on some appliances and light bulbs in case of power failure or disaster. Do not run out of electricity during an emergency and consult our experts on how to install a solar system on your property now.

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