Energy saving tips: How can I save energy?

We all want to pay less on our electricity bill every month while also doing everything possible to reduce pollution and the greenhouse effect. What everyone wonders is, how? Here are several simple and practical tips that will help you save energy and save money with renewable energy.

First step   

 The first thing we should do is reduce energy consumption in everything. To achieve this, we must be aware at all times to turn off the lights that we are not using and disconnect all electronic devices. We can replace the bulbs with LED bulbs, which consume about 10% less than regular lamps while they have a lifespan of 500% more. When buying them, they may be a bit more expensive, but the effect results in long-term economy in monthly electricity consumption and that it will not be necessary to replace them so often.

Turn it off!

     Another important tip to save energy is not to recharge electronic devices or leave them in hibernation mode if we are not using them. Make a habit of completely shutting down the computer once you finish using it every night. Similarly, the cell phone should not be left connected to the charger overnight, since with a few hours it is enough to fully charge it. This good habit will also extend the life of the batteries and help you save money with renewable energy. It is estimated that between 8 and 10% of the total electricity consumed in the home comes from electronic devices that remain plugged in all the time, even if they are not being used. This includes hairdryers, irons, appliances and computers, and printers. Turn them off!

Change to “inverter”

As for air conditioners, something very necessary in the tropics, if you prevent the room (or the house) from getting too hot it will need less energy to cool it later. If possible, change the units to what is known as “inverter”, which are much cheaper, and leave them on in fan mode with the compressor off. When you return to the house you will see that the room stays cooler and it will be easier for the unit to cool. Likewise, it is recommended that air conditioners operate at 75 ° F (24 ° C) for maximum energy savings. From then on, for each degree in temperature that decreases the consumption of electricity increases between 5 to 8% in the bill.

Finally, the appliances that consume the most electricity in the home are the water heater, the clothes dryer, the stove and the hairdryer (blow dryer). If possible, choose to change your dryer and your stove to propane gas and your electric or line heater for a solar heater. As for the “blower”, how about changing the style to a natural dried one? Everything is to save energy.