Everyone talks about Tesla Powerwall, but what is it really? In short, the Tesla Powerwall is a battery to run everything in your home when the sun is not directly generating energy through solar panels. That is, the Tesla Powerwall is a battery to store solar energy and be able to use it at the time you need it.

How functional is the Tesla Powerwall?

The sun rises every day or on most days in Puerto Rico, despite cloudy days. This means that solar panels can generate energy virtually every day of the year. Still it is necessary to be able to store all the solar energy that is generated and not used at that time to use it at night or on rainy days. It is precisely for this that solar batteries are used since they are recharged with solar energy just like the panels and allow 100% clean and renewable energy, even at night.

Energy available even in power outages

The technology of the Tesla Powerwall allows that, in case of blackouts, whether due to a natural disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake or any other situation, your property can continue to enjoy solar energy continually for seven days or more. This is possible because your Tesla Powerwall recharges automatically every day when the sun rises in the morning to always have solar energy available to run your home or business continuously. In the event that your property does not have a solar panel system, you can also enjoy solar energy during AEE blackouts when installing a Tesla battery. The Tesla Powerwall detects the blackout and immediately puts the stored energy at your fingertips to be able to turn on lights, the fridge and recharge your mobile phones and electronic devices, among other options.

A Tesla battery for every need

Not all homes, nor consumption, are the same, so Tesla Powerwall is designed to work according to the needs of each family. In addition, Tesla batteries can be self-programmed to use stored energy in accordance with electrical appliances and property usage schedules to conserve stored energy. As an additional detail, it should be noted that these batteries are very simple to install both outside and inside the properties, have a 10-year warranty, do not require maintenance and can be monitored from your cell phone 24/7. Ask our experts about your consumption needs and they will guide you on the advantages of equipping your property with one or more Tesla batteries, available in Puerto Rico through WindMar Home.

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