Do I need to pay for the solar system at the time of installation?

Our company is the largest renewable energy company in Puerto Rico and therefore we can offer financing on all our products. Contact one of our sales representatives to analyze, without obligation, what are the energy needs of your home and thus be able to offer you a quote that fits your budget. Ask us and you will be surprised that everyone can install a solar system and finance it by paying less money than you pay monthly on electricity!

What happens if I install a solar system and consume more than I generate?

Our company provides its customers with the option of installing modern batteries to ensure that, if it exceeds the consumption generated, they are responsible for providing energy. It is possible to become independent from the traditional electrical system and at the same time enjoy renewable energy in Puerto Rico without worrying about exceeding. Consult with one of our solar energy consultants to know all the options.

What is the price of a solar system for an average-sized house?

The prices of solar systems vary depending on the energy needs of each family, but it is possible to have renewable energy in Puerto Rico. The size of the house is not the most important thing but to calculate what is the energy consumption of each family, which depends on the lifestyle and the number of members. Ask us for more information without obligation!

Why are there different types of solar systems?

In reality, there are mainly two types of solar systems that work by converting solar energy into electricity. This is achieved through the installation of solar panels that are formed by photovoltaic cells that collect the rays of sunlight directly and convert them into direct current or DC. Then, an inverter receives the direct current generated by the solar panels and converts it into alternating current or AC which is the most commonly used type of electricity. What can vary is if the person wants complete independence from the electric power system or if they want a system that remains connected to the power grid. Each system has its advantages and if you are interested in knowing which one suits you best and why, consult one of our experts in renewable energy in Puerto Rico.

Benefits of buying vs. Leasing your system

When you rent a solar system, the renting company is responsible for all insurance, protection, and damage for up to 25 years. You only pay a monthly fee. When you buy the system, you own the product and are responsible for adding insurance to the system. Other benefits of purchasing are possible tax benefits and the possibility of recovering your initial investment.

WindMar Solar

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