How It Works

1 Solar Panels The photovoltaic panel receives energy from the sun and converts it into direct current (DC).

2 Micro Inverters Installed under each solar panel, the inverter converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) that your home uses.

3 Battery (Optional) We integrate batteries that store the solar energy produced in excess during the day. You can use that energy at night or during a power outage. We also offer alternatives that allow you to operate your solar system with batteries without being interconnected to a power supplier.

4 Smart Meter Installed under the Net Metering Program, this meter reads the flow of electricity in both directions. Solar energy produced in excess during the day is credited to the electric company for use at night or in the future.

5 Monitoring All of our solar systems can be monitored via the internet. You can see solar production, consumption, and battery charge at any time.



When you switch to our WindMar Solar system, you establish a fixed cost of electricity to avoid surprises in your electricity bill. It is the smart way to save in the short and long term, and reduce expenses in your home or business. It is an investment in the future that will generate benefits for you for many years to come.

 PWR Cell


For years, Generac has been leading the industry in the category of home backup generators. Generac’s home energy management system allows owners to manage and monitor home energy usage leading to a reduction in electric utility bills.

WindMar Solar

Since 2002, WindMar Group has been a leading solar installer in the Caribbean, and more recently Florida. Currently supplying over 58 megawatts of power from the Sun.

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